Your First Step

Counselling & Psychotherapy, 

Gorey, Co. Wexford

Welcome to Your First Step

Hello, and welcome to the ‘Your First Step: Counselling & Psychotherapy’ website. Many people struggle at some point with the challenges of modern life. Counselling and psychotherapy is a confidential process where you are offered the space to explore your feelings, thoughts and actions in order to assist you in any potential struggles.

In Ireland, there is a myth that seeking help is a sign of weakness. The myth goes that strong people stand alone, suffer in silence and just get on with things. I disagree with that sentiment. I believe that it takes a strong person to reach out and ask someone for help. I invite you to read through this website, learn more about the service, and potentially take your first step towards a better tomorrow.

Another myth about counselling and psychotherapy is that you have to be in crisis to seek such help. This is not true. People can choose to come for therapy for a variety of reasons. People often choose to come for therapy because they are feeling dissatisfied with life, feeling lonely or isolated, or are experiencing difficulty or distress. Often times, it may be easier for you to discuss these concerns with someone who is not in your circle of family and friends.

This mental health service, based in Gorey Co. Wexford, offers a safe and confidential place for people over 18 years of age to come and talk about their problems. We cater for both individual therapy and couples. You can learn more about me, the service itself, the fees involved, and how you can make an appointment in the various pages of this website.